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IKEA Birmingham Order and Collection Point manager Dawn Lloyd said: “We are delighted to be bringing this unique version of Ikea to Birmingham.“I am very proud to say we have recruited a team of 30 workers from the local area who together with myself look forward to welcoming customers from the West Midlands.” IKEA Order and Collection development manager Jack Jackson said: “We are very excited to be opening IKEA Birmingham Central Order and Collection Point.Watch new IKEA advert making fun of Instagram craze “With the new format we will be able to bring the IKEA product range and experience to Birmingham more quickly and conveniently than ever before.” Perhaps a little confusingly, the IKEA store at Wednesbury will not be renamed so it remains the IKEA Birmingham store, as opposed to the IKEA Birmingham Order and Collection Point.

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The former tax-bureau worker is among the throngs of seniors who meet every week at the Swedish retailer's cafeteria in Shanghai's Xuhui shopping district to take a second shot at romance.

Retired and divorced chiropractor Qian Weizhong is also on the prowl. Qian was excited to get the number of a woman he referred to as a "nice lady." He plans to ask her out soon, he said. Tang and the rest of the lonely hearts club flock to the do-it-yourself furniture shop for its clean, homey environment, they pose something of a challenge for IKEA.

They sit for hours in the cafeteria, leaving behind orange peels and egg shells they have picked off boiled eggs brought from home.

IKEA is to open its new Birmingham store this month.

The Central Order and Collection Point at Dale End will open on August 18.

It will be only the third of its kind in the UK (after Norwick and Aberdeen) and the first at the heart of a city centre, offering a new way to shop at the Swedish home furnishing store.

However, customers can order anything from the Ikea online range for home delivery or from the store – you can even drive up to the collection point.

The store is opening at the former home of Toys R Us, which has been lying empty for a decade.

There will be some market hall items to take home on the day – the bargain coat hangers, plant of the week and tea lights we never knew we wanted until we got there.

There will be the famous IKEA room sets to offer inspiration and ideas, and the facility to plan complex purchases such as kitchens.

And perhaps most importantly, there’s a bistro so shoppers can enjoy the speciality Ikea food and snacks and even take home edible products like Kottbullar, also known as frozen meatballs.

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