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I cover the various display types, highlight ‘view display styles’ and end up with a front page which has more character than what comes with your standard Drupal. But really cool would be an advanced Views screencast.

For the rest of the vids - 7.6 myself (on a Mac - not Windows) and not having issues (other people are too) For some people, there were problems with some of the Agents being used and my mod_security rules were stopping some clients.

For other things, I've been looking at the logs for the actual movies and the vast majority of people connecting are able to view the videos. I've posted a patch file to the issue queue for jquery_media module for anyone who's interested. Views supports the default nodeapi for Drupal when it parses through the op = "rss item".

If you are having problems then please send me as many details as you can. Thanks Looks like it was an issue with the plugin that j Query Media module uses (which is used on this site). Therefore, it would be ideal to have something that would simply add the enclosure if you're using something like fieldfield and cck.

), is to create a front page listing of content where the top-most item is less than 2 weeks old and has an average star rating of 4.5 or higher.

This is what is presented in this video - using Views, of course.

So, maybe you’re like me, and you’ve waited and waited until you think you absolutely have to start using Views before you take that first step. In this Drupal video about the Views module, I’ve opted not to create a new custom view from scratch.I won’t insult your intelligence by assuming you don’t know what Fields are in a database.Rather, I walk through the various settings which Views provides and attempt to help you get familiar with its various pieces.There are simply so many things you can do with Views, that it pays to know how things go together.If there’s one thing you take from this video, I hope it’s the knowledge that your imagination may be the only limiting factor.The video covers the various settings for a ‘view’ and introduces what I think of as ‘subviews’ (officially called displays - think, “display’s of a view”).

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